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The Eagle flail mower features a telescopic outer arm, giving it a maximum reach of 8.0 metres and the whole arm is mounted on a kingpost so that it can be slewed through 180 degrees for double sided, left or right-hand cutting.

The Eagle can be specified with either a gear or a piston system, and features wraparound steel hoses on the first arm and kingpost for durability and improved hose routing, along with weight saving.

Key Features:

 - 8m reach
 - Left and right handed cutting
 - 137 l/min independent hydraulic system
 - 1.2m, 1.5m or 2m cutting head

Working Reach Dimensions
Head used to calculations: 1.2 Pro-Cut






specs1-eagle specs2-eagle specs3-eagle

See the table below to see which flail heads are available for the different cutting heads listed above.eagle-flails