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Falcon Evo Forward

falcon forward

The Falcon Evo Forward arm is perfect for contractors and municipal environments, where the added benefits of a forward arm is required to improve visibility.

With high specification options and a range of controls to select from, the Falcon range is first choice for contractors.

Key Features:

 - 5.5m or 6.0/6.5m telescopic reach
 - Fixed forward reach of 1.2m
 - Heavy duty linkage on 5.5 or axle bracket mounted on 6.0 & 6.5
 - 125 l/min independent system
 - 1.2m or 1.5m cutting head


Working Reach Dimensions
Head used to calculations: 1.2 Pro-Cut





specs1 specs2 specs3

See the table below to see which flail heads are available for the different cutting heads listed above.flails-FEF