Farm Science Review – Ohio

It has been a busy week at Bomford, with multiple shows attended, here is an image of our stand in conjunction with our importer for Bomford Turner in the East and Mid West USA – Parsons Equipment – Ohio.

Seen pictured is three generations of the Parsons family.  Based in West Jefferson – Ohio, Parsons Equipment is a one stop shop for all your mowing needs, for all boom mowers, and brush cutters, to the latest remote controlled mowing, with the Bomford Turner Flailbot.

Dealer training

This week Bomford Turner have delivered a series of training courses in the USA at our East Coast and Mid West importers headquarters, RLP Parsons Equipment – Ohio. Parsons hosted the event for us, and invited their dealer network in for some sales and service training.

Working demonstrations, along with PowerPoint and practical service demonstrations enabled a high level of information to be passed over to our partners. The training continues to support the growth in our position in the North American market, and enables Bomford to undoubtedly offer a higher level of customer care.

Hershey PA show

This is the PSATS show, Pennsylvania State Association of township supervisors. In Hershey PA. This was a well-attended event that runs from Sunday to Tuesday, there were many outdoor (equipment) and indoor suppliers and exhibitors at this show, Bomford Turner were represented by both Bradco Supply and Ag Industrial equipment, Bradco had their Hawk VFA on display that drew in a lot of attention and Ag Industrial had an indoor booth with video running and information on products to hand.