About RLP

buildingR.L. Parsons & Son ECI was founded in 1929 as a hardware & implement company by Ralph and Bessie Parsons. It is now owned and managed by their son Sonny Parsons and remains a family company with the founding belief that customers always come first. We realize that without reliable equipment and the support to keep it running, we can’t expect to earn and retain your trust. Because of this philosophy, we have been fortunate to serve hundreds of townships, municipalities, state agencies, airport facilities and road contractors across the United States and the World.

Our Mission

At (RLP), our mission is to keep mowing simple, and improve the challenges  of mowing those hard to reach areas!  We are the boom mower specialists and have been since 1970!  At (RLP) we are here to help our customers have a great experience!  “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.  It is what the customer gets out of it!”

Our products

We are a proud manufacturer of the patented (RLP) Micro-Mower and (RLP) RoadMaster & KnuckleHead product line. In addition to these great products, Parsons Equipment is also a National distributor for Bomford Turner since 1970!  We have also been granted the National Parts hub for the United States.  This means, Parsons houses more inventory and stock levels to support our customer and dealer needs!  We are here to help our customers and dealers clear across the United States!  Parsons Equipment has a 95% Parts fill rate across the United States.  We can supply parts with fast delivery times and most orders can be shipped same day.  Custom orders typically ship within 5-10 days of order.

Parsons Equipment understands our customers cannot be down!  We promise to ensure the we meet your needs and exceed your expectations!  We are a family owned business since 1929, and all of our customers will be treated as such as well!

Our mowers tout a long reach of over 30 feet with the ability to mow on either side of the tractor. You have the option to have it custom mounted to your tractor or pick from a selection that can be fitting on tractors with 35 to 235 horse power.  Parsons will be there to spec your tractor and boom mower out to ensure that you have the best stability and versatility to meet your needs.

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  •  Sonny Parsons (Owner/President) Parsons Equipment
  • Chip Parsons (Vice President) Parsons Equipment.
  • Aprile Parsons  (Sales & Vice President) call for competitive pricing of new Bomford machines.
  • Carl Eby (Service Manager)
  • Madeline “Maddy” Myers (Office Manager) handles all billing questions.
  • Bill Kennedy (Parts Technician) will provide prompt and courteous service for all your parts orders.
  • Jacob “Jake” Stryker (Product Specialist) will help you with your technical questions.

Our toll-free number is (800) 456-6937. Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Government Information

Contract Types: Various State Contracts, CCR
DUNS #092161058
CAGE# 2A557
TIN# 1998E283823
MF. Certification: Small Business

Bonds, Warranty, Clearances or Insurance

Insurance General Commercial Liability, Warranty 12 months no labor on new products, 30 days 50/50 on refurbished on used, if sold with agreed coverage, as-is where-is also an option (no warranty).