Hawk Evo VFA

The Hawk Evo VFA (Variable Forward Arm) is perfect for contractors and municipal environments, where the added benefits of a forward arm is required to improve visibility.

With a maximum reach of 6m, the Hawk Evo VFA can cope with every job it is tasked with. The impressive 1.8m maximum travel on the variable forward arm (VFA) gives 1.6m forward working.

Key Features:

  • 6.0m reach
  • Over 1.8m traverse on variable forward arm
  • Heavy duty linkage or axle bracket mounted
  • 125 l/min independent system


P.O. Box 28, 7155 St. Rt. 142 S.E. West Jefferson, Ohio 43162-0028


(614) 879-7601
Toll Free: (800) 45-mower (456-6937)



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