Flail Options

TrueCutTrue Cut
A longer body producing a faster tip speed combined with a more pronounced leading edge on the shaft that removes unwanted build up of material and allows the flail to retain better cutting characteristic’s and delivers “cutting hedge perfection”

TFlail60T Flail 60mm
The professionals choice. Gives an excellent finish on hedges from six months growth to 50mm (2″) thick. Interchangeable with the HS60 bootee flail.


TFlail40T Flail 40mm
Designed for fine finish hedge trimming the 40mm ‘T’ Flail has the ability to cut material up to 50mm (2″) thick for added versatility.


ProFlailPro Flail
For annual hedge trimming and vegetation control



Dual purpose hedge and vegetation flail



Dual purpose hedge and vegetation flail. Drop forged and will cut up to 35mm (1′ 1/2″). Interchangeable with the ‘T’ Flail 60mm.


The Bushmaster flail is very heavy duty and able to cut growth of up to 100mm (4″) perfect for three year hedge growth or bush cutting.


BBFlailBack to Back (BB) Flail
Reversible shackle mounted back to back flail. The narrow profile and sharp cutting edges gives a clean cut with low power consumption.