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BOMFORD has extended its range of farm, estate and green space maintenance equipment with the addition of a new sweeper collector that can be mounted on the arm of a reach mower, making it ideal for use in a wide range of environments and especially on compact tractors when verge, lawn or road sweeping.

The ProSweep has a working width of 1.2 metres and features a hard-wearing polypropylene brush that is powered by a 75 litres/minute hydraulic motor developing 205 bar. Total weight is 190kg, making it suitable for use even on the smallest Bomford Kestrel reach-arm mowers.

The Sweeper is quickly mounted in place of the cutting head and carried on a robust frame, the standard specification on the ProSweep includes two support wheels that are adjustable to five working height options. The specification also includes a front-mounted hopper collector which is emptied and closed manually. If required this can also be quickly and simply removed.




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