RoadMaster CP – 500 – Perfect for Roadside Reconstruction

Leading the industry for versatility & efficiency for our customers. Parsons Equipment has been manufacturing products since 1988. Parsons Equipment has designed a new product, that is patent protected. This product design is driven by our townships, municipalities, parks & rec, our private customers, and County Engineers. A product that has been designed to refurbish roadsides. This product will utilize resources that are already present and be used to create a new berm of the road. During the research phases, Parsons discovered, not only does this create a new berm of the road; but it creates surface drainage for our roadsides. It creates surface drainage because it seals up that gap where the gravel and the road meet. Therefore this product also helps with preventing the roadsides from eroding. This new innovative product, the (RLP) ROADMASTER CP-500 & KNUCKLEHEAD was engineered to provide you with versatility and efficiency. One, the KnuckleHead is an attachment that goes on to our road grader, (RLP) RoadMaster. Therefore it can be used to grade dirt roads, trails, driveways, ect. Second, you have the KnuckleHead attachment, which is the product that creates the new road berm. Lastly, you can detach the KnuckleHead and use a sweepster attachment. This way, our customers have one piece of equipment that can perform multiple functions. product-info-btn